Oh boo!

Maybe to must is no longer available...

How: even the business owners with the best of intentions have weaknesses in a few areas.

Use my famous Branding Black Holes checklist to fill in your gaps (and never leave behind an almost-client again)!

What is Maybe to Must?

Maybe to Must is a two-step method to get your audience on your team, moving you from "meh" to "oh-my-must-buy!


you need a cut-glass sharp method of

gaining your best client's attention

*picture the bracing cold of an Alaskan spring, the crystal-clear water, and how it cuts away everything else once you touch it. Yeah. THAT clear.


once you've got their attention,

you need to keep it

*this is the big bid for authority and visibility–do you have all your ducks in a row? once they notice you, will they like the rest of what they see?

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