for the biz owners moving from 1:1 service to group programs and courses...

How One Coach Cut Her Lead Costs by 75% and Increased Her Community Size by 25%

the problem

Relying only on organic reach isn't providing consistent clients for your online business (and keeps you stuck in the overworked 1:1 zone)

Watch as Dawn and I walk through the strategy to increase her Facebook community ^^

Your Business is Working... Mostly

You've got clients. You've got offers. Some of them convert well. So... why does it seem like you're always catching up, scrambling to land new clients when you complete your current roster? This entrepreneurial roller coaster...

You're over it!

It's Time to Ditch the Roller Coaster

Client after client, I see it. You're either deep in 1:1 client work or suddenly have hardly any clients and deep in content creation and marketing to get the next set of clients into your biz.

Ready to Take the Strategic Approach

And get the Biz GPS guidance you've been longing for?