for the biz owners moving from 1:1 service to group programs and courses...

How One Coach Cut Her Lead Costs by 75% and Increased Her Community Size by 25%

Moving from a successful 1:1 or in-person business can feel like starting up again–only you've already put the work in. You're good at what you do. You shouldn't have to start over!

Does this sound like you?

Dawn was maxed out on therapy patients and wanted to scale...

She couldn't take more 1:1 patients to earn more without the available hours, but without the time to build an online coaching practice she didn't see a way out–until she found a strategic plan to build her online clientele

we discovered

Introducing an entry-level offer built her audience quickly

After mapping out her business, her goals, and the needs of her best clients, she built an entry-level offer and quickly built up an audience but results weren't always steady until we matched what worked with organic traffic to paid traffic.

With that information, we worked on brand visibility and an on-brand content strategy, we redesigned her offer sales page, and immediately saw massive growth... with less cost!

with biz gps

We increased her community size by 25% while decreasing her ad costs

Watch as Dawn and I walk through the strategy to increase her Facebook community ^^

the backstory

So many of my clients come to me in frustration. They know something isn't working, but can't pinpoint what's preventing their desired growth.

I was once in the same place. I had a ton of knowledge and expertise. I was good at what I did, but my business wasn't flourishing.

Then I realized, I needed to take a step back and look at my business as a whole.

Like looking down at a city grid from an airplane, I needed to make sure the avenues and city blocks and individual buildings of my business worked together holistically.

I needed some "client cartography" to map my client's journey through my business.

Thus, the Biz GPS was born.

just imagine

Leaving all the "biz gridlock" behind and finally, your inbox is filled with clients on autopilot.

The Biz GPS Intensive gives Your Business the 30,000 ft View you need to make strategic decisions for growth

and fine tune what's working now, to convert even better

female entrepreneur working
clients filling inbox
female entrepreneur at work with laptop
business gridlock
boss female ceo
business gridlock
female entrepreneur with strategic changes
full client list
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A complete marketing strategy mapped out in a 90-day and beyond plan

client cartography for online business owners

Get a holistic map of your business

Most clients think there's a huge, gaping hole in their business and that's why they're not booked out when in fact, it's usually a handful of adjustments and tweaks that make all the difference.

biz gps marketing report

your own, unique, marketing report

Mapping your client journey in a way that makes sense to your clients is huge! The Biz GPS includes a video recording and complete marketing report within a week of your session, so you have all the plans you need at the ready moving forward.

After you schedule your Biz GPS Intensive session, I'll send you a questionnaire to fill out that gives me all the specifics of your business so we can spend our two hours mapping your goals to specific plans to execute them over the next six months. From there we'll:

  • cover your currently-working offers + programs
  • get gritty on what your best client wants–and what changes we'll make to deliver it to them
  • outline your next six months
  • plan for any launches, sales pages, or new traffic strategies

After your intensive, I'll draw up a report with the Biz GPS plan laid out for you. Depending on your unique needs, it may be laid out in phases with project goals for each phase. I'll include suggestions and must-haves for you to accomplish your goals and an option for us to work together to deliver those projects.

You'll receive the report, recording of our meeting, any graphics/drawings we create, and a link to schedule a follow up call for any questions.

This business deep dive is $1000

they said

Biz GPS Intensive clients aren't shy about their results

janet allison,

boys alive!

Britney sees the big picture

"Britney sees the big picture and helps me get out of my own way! She is organized, clear, and always willing to answer that extra question. I've worked with a lot of coaches and she is top of the line!"

Robb braun,


There's a lot at stake for me and you really get that.

"I am excited about this. I so appreciate this, Britney, as I'm,

as I'm watching you and sensing how well you've tracked me and how engaged you're in this. There's a lot at stake for me and you really get that."

knowing the next right step makes all the difference

The confidence I have in my business's next few months, next year... only arrived when I got intentionally clear with my authentic, automated marketing plan.